The International Center’s Internship Program

The International Center offers internships every school semester for undergraduate and graduate students interested in international relations, foreign policy, international development, and environmental issues.

The program provides an opportunity to spend ten weeks or more in Washington. Interns gain first-hand exposure to how a Washington, D.C. non-profit organization concerned with international relations and development operates. Over five hundred students have participated in the Center’s internship program. Depending on which project the students are involved with, the internships enable students to gain valuable experience on Capitol Hill and provides them with the opportunity to meet with representatives of both the public and private sector, diplomats and leaders in the fields of foreign policy, human rights, and development.

Eligibility and Qualifications

Students should have completed their sophomore year of undergraduate studies before applying to the internship program. Exceptional students entering their sophomore year may be considered. The Center also welcomes applications from graduate students and students holding an undergraduate degree, who wish to gain experience before pursuing a career.

Students need not be involved in any specific field of study to apply, though those with backgrounds in political science, regional studies (Asia, Russia, Latin America) and international relations are preferred for the U.S.-Vietnam Trade Council, Russia Commission and KISON project. New Forests Project interns should have an interest in development, environmental studies, Latin American studies, biology, anthropology or forestry.


Most internships at the International Center are unpaid. As a non-profit educational organization, the Center simply does not have the resources to offer stipends to students. Students are reimbursed for out-of-pocket expenses incurred for office work.Many interns have worked part-time while interning at the Center, and their supervisors have arranged flexible schedules to accommodate their part-time jobs.

Application and Notification

Application deadlines: Fall: June 30 Spring: November 30 Summer: March 31

Applications should contain a cover letter, current resume, a transcript and a short writing sample. In the cover letter, the student should indicate the dates they will be available and the project/program of the Center’s in which they are most interested. Letters of recommendation are optional.

Send to: Erick R. Toledo, Intern Coordinator The International Center; 731 Eighth Street, S.E.; Washington, DC 20003

Any questions about the internship program should be directed to the Intern Coordinator. Please call the Center at 202/547-3800 ext 110, or email internships@internationalcenter.com