Commission on U.S.-Russian Relations

The International Center established the Commission on U.S.—Russian Relations in 1986 to help raise public awareness of the dangerous regional conflicts, escalated by Cold W ar rivalry, that were frustrating attempts to stabilize US.—Soviet relations. In recent years, the Russian Commission has worked behind the scenes, conducting extensive research on issues of nuclear security, and arms treaty compliance.

KJSON: Korea InformationService on the Net

Korea Information Service on the Net (KISON) offers information in Korean and English to provide readers with diverse information for a balanced and accurate understanding of issues concerning the regional security of the Korean pennisula and Northest Asia.

KISON provides information on a wide range of formats such as speeches, news conferences, forums, hearings, publications, and seminars concerning South-North Korean affairs for journalists, academics, NGO staff, and government officials in South Korea, who are otherwise faced with the information barrier caused b\ legal and social restrictions in South Korea.

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